Fountain, Daniel, AIDS - A Study Guide (Englisch)
Fountain, Daniel, AIDS - A Study Guide (Kiswaheli)
Fountain, Daniel E. , New paradigms in Christian Health Ministries
Godfrey Mbaruku, Enhancing survival of mothers and their newborns in Tanzania
Kibambai, Gideon, The magnitude and factors influencing low deliveries in health facilities in Kigoma district
Hirt Hans-Martin, Bindanda M'Pia, Madawa Asili Katika Nchi Za Joto (Natürliche Heilkunde in den Tropen / (Kiswaheli-Übesetzung)
Ulrike Brizay, Best Practice Guide - Orphan Care in Tanzania
Abednego Keshomshahara, Church and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania
Ernst Mechler, Medical Plants in Tropcical Countries
Carl Taylor, John Bryant - The Christian Community’s Contribution to the Evolution of Community-Based Primary Health Care

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