The Kigoma-Region

Inhabitants of Kigoma District
490,816, 72 Household (2001)

The Kigoma-Region is made up of 4 districts
1) Kigoma Urban
2) Kigoma
3) Rural area
4) KasuluKibondo

Through the road Kigoma-Mwanza the region is divided into two parts (halves). North-western side of this road the area has a character of highlands stretching from the north to the south; and they are about 2200 meters high. They are the continuation of East African rift-valley. The major part of population lives in this part of land. The south eastern part of the main road is flat, with a major part of bushes and swamps. Because of the appearance of tsetse flies and the problem of infertility of land, this area is lowly populated.

Along the Tanganyika sea there are numerous small and big villages which, in part, are reached by boats when you travel from Kigoma. This area, especially south of the regional headquarters Kigoma, there are areas which have been marginalised. The health services are poor with no health personnel.

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