The Healing Mission of the Church
The main topics of the theological reflections are questions concerning the Christian understanding of health and healing and how communities can respond to today’s health challenges by practicing their healing ministry. These and other issues are dealt with in publications, presentations and through networking and cooperation with partners worldwide. Here are links to some of these documents, published by the German institute for Medical Mission (Difaem)
We invite you to study these documents. Discuss the topics in your Bible schools, Seminaries and church groups. You be challenged and encouraged to change. It’s worth to do it. They are a challenge for us as Christians in the present time.


The Healing Church. The Tübingen Consultation 1964
Hrsg.: ÖRK
Genf, 1965 (WCC Studies 3), 34-43

The Quest For Health and Wholeness
James C. McGilvray
Hrg.: German Institute for Medical Mission Tübingen, 1981

The Healing Mission of the Church. Coonoor Conference
March 7-18, 1967
Hrsg.: ÖRK
Genf, 1967


Healing, Reconciliation and Power.
A Tool for Use in Congregations. Afro-Asian Msssion Consultation on the Ecumenical Response to the challenge of Healing Ministries in Afro-Asia
November 13-20, 2004, Bangalore, India
Ed: Christian Medical Association of India, New Delhi
New Delhi, 2004 (Christian Medical Association of India), 5-32

Results and Recommendations
Accra, 2003
Hrsg.: UEM
Wuppertal 2003


Healing and Wholeness. The Churches' Role in Health
CMC, i-iv, 1-40
Hrsg.: ÖRK
Genf, 1990

"Exploring the Christian Understanding of Health and Healing".
National 4-H Center, Chevy chase, MD, USA, December 1984
1-5, 66-69, 90-106 (CMC/85/2)
Hrsg.: ÖRK
Genf, 1985


African Regional Conference on the Churches' Role in Health and Wholeness.
Gabarone, Botswana, October 15-19, 1970
1-12, 46f. (CMC/79/12)
Hrsg.: ÖRK
Genf, 1979

Congregation-based Health Care.
Making community-based health and development reality.
Hrsg.: Christian Medical Association of India / Presbyterian chruch (USA)
New Delhi, n.d., 95-98

Witnessing to Christ today. Promoting health and wholeness for all.
A contribution towards the Christian healing ministry compiled by a study group on mission and healing from the World Council of Churches (WCC), Geneva, Switzerland, and the German Institute for Medical Mission (DIFAEM), 2010 Tübingen, Germany